TSA security

Security wait times at Long beach airport are approximate and can base on several factors, including weather, airport construction, TSA staffing, etc.

All travelers at LGB international airport are required to go through the screening procedure at the checkpoint. According to the TSA, passengers should get to the airport two hours before their domestic flight and three hours before international flights.

Screening procedure

The screening procedure is a part of the TSA security, and travelers are required to accept the rules. During the screening procedure, TSA officers may test liquids, aerosols, gels, and other prohibited items. Passengers are required to go through a security scanner. Travelers must pack in their carryon bags such items as electronics, jewelry, fragile things. TSA security has strict privacy technology to protect your privacy.

For travelers with disabilities and individual circumstances, TSA provides additional assistance during the screening process.



Departing flights and procedures, security measures at Long beach international Airport.


Location and precise address of Long beach international airport.


Parking spaces at Long Beach International airport.

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